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Classic Donut

(or 6 donut holes)


Dozen Classic


Specialty Donut


Gourmet Donut

$0.99 each




$1.29 each


$1.59 each

All Donuts hand cut daily!

Classic Flavors

Chocolate Cake,

Old Fashion Sour Cream Cake,

Vanilla Cake,

Glazed Yeast Ring,

Iced Yeast Ring,

Sugared Yeast Ring


Specialty Flavors

Blueberry Cake,

Caramel Delight Cake,

Red Velvet Cake,

Yeast Cinnamon Twist,

Yeast Glazed Twist,

Maple Glazed Yeast Ring

Gourmet Flavors

Cinnamon Roll,

Apple Fritter,

Dough Boy,

Bavarian Cream Filled,

Chocolate Cream Filled,

White Cream Filled,

Strawberry Shortcake Filled,

Peanut Butter Jelly Filled,

Raspberry Filled,

Maple Toffee Crunch Ring

Saturday Only

Additional Gourmet Flavors

Banana Fritter,

Blueberry Filled,

Lemon Filled

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